Nice find – AirAsia 3sixty May 2015

Went for the long weekend to Bali. And pulled out the inflight magazine. May 2015. Well, that cover page looked familiar… loved it. Unfortunately all credits only went to Getty. Full magazine can be seen here: AirAsia 3sixty May 2015

Le Mont Saint Michel

Outside is better than inside. And getting up early, or staying late – beats the tourist crowds. Which can get quite serious. #2 in France, after the Eiffel Tower.

Xiapu – Colors

And finally some colors. Not too bad, after all. Considering it felt like all rain and grey, while we were there. Gold Purple Blue Teal Green Brown

‘Sticks in the mud’ – back from Xiapu, Fujian

Just back from China and the photo tour ‘Sticks in the mud’. Yes, take that literally. Very impressive landscapes, even though the weather and pollution didn’t do us any favour at all. And where is Xiapu? Check it out here: