Done ‘cleaning’

Finally – with the vacations drawing near. Managed to catch up on my photo back log a bit. And update my profiles on MM, MK, and book. So look around.

I’ll be also soon starting to fill my ‘OPEN’ section; meaning shots/themes I’m looking for models and would like to do in the next few months.

As I did all this – I polished up the following shots that I really like and have fond memories.

And then there was Shanghai

Already feels like ages ago. But 24+ hours in Shanghai to do photos from morning to night. And morning was really early. 5:30 am at the Bund. And already some people there. Not to mention during the afternoon, which really amazed me, given it was middle of the week.

But the real spectacle is of course the new Financial Center. Platform at 474 m. Height 493 m. Wow. That’s really high. See here for more:

And then there was the World Expo. Just didn’t make it. Too many people, wait times to visit 1 pavilion at 3-5 hours. Plus 500,000 visitors a day. Not really attractive. Or only for the hard core guys.

New York – soo cool at night

Hanging of a helicopter over Manhattan at night. Probably not everyone’s dream. But definitely cool, when you want to shoot some interesting stuff. Amazing that you can still do all this in New York – after 9/11.

At dusk - over NYC

Aerial view of mid-town Manhattan

(c) Berthold Trenkel

Somewhere Midtown, Manhattan